About us

We are a small and dedicated group of professionals striving to create designs that are unique and functional.

We partner with local brands and emerging businesses to produce the most exciting outcomes for the customer. All of our projects are custom-built for our clients, with exceptional attention to detail and quality at any stage of the process. We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design and final delivery of the project. We believe in creating emotion-driven and aesthetically pleasing works that function for our client’s objectives and resonate with their audiences. Our goal throughout the creative process remains the same – to build & scale purpose-driven brands through graphic design.


Sercan Saylik

Creative & Partner

Tomas stasiulevičius

Art director & Partner

Miglė Skrebiškytė

Graphic designer & illustrator

Karolina Narbutaitė

UI / UX team lead

Ales Shishlo

UI / UX designer

Milda Pakarklytė

UI / UX designer

Eldas Udrys

Graphic designer

Irmina Budriūtė


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