The Linijos team recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from February 26 to 28. This event is a cornerstone in the tech world, particularly in the mobile sector, and it provided us with a bustling platform to engage, connect, and explore the latest innovations in the industry. Over the span of three days, we engaged in a remarkable series of 35 meetings, interacting with a diverse array of participants ranging from established businesses to young entrepreneurs and a dynamic collection of startups.

The MWC in Barcelona is renowned for being a melting pot of ideas and innovations, and our experience this year was no exception. We had the chance to delve into new technologies, gaining insights that are invaluable for our journey. Our interactions weren’t limited to just tech companies; we met with several telecommunications firms, exploring the new directions and technologies they are pursuing. A significant highlight was our engagement with a few pioneering startups that are making strides in smart city technology – an area that aligns closely with our vision at Linijos.

An essential part of our agenda was visiting the Lithuanian pavilion, which was orchestrated by the Innovation Agency. It showcased around 10 Lithuanian businesses that are making significant waves in their respective fields. The pavilion was a testament to the innovative spirit and the burgeoning tech landscape in Lithuania. It was a proud moment for us to stand among our peers who are contributing to shaping the future of technology and innovation.

Interestingly, one of our most pivotal meetings at the congress was with colleagues from back home in Lithuania. It’s fascinating how such international forums can serve as a bridge to connect with local partners, fostering collaborations that might not have been possible in our regular settings.

The horizon looks promising, and our journey doesn’t stop here. We’re gearing up for our next venture, which will take us to the United States to participate in the annual North American Lithuanian Business Forum. This event is another excellent opportunity for us to network, share our insights, and potentially forge new partnerships. We’re particularly excited about the chance to interact with local businesses and stakeholders, as we believe these connections will be instrumental in our growth and expansion strategies.

Our experience at the Mobile World Congress has been nothing short of inspirational. It has reinforced our commitment to innovation and our belief in the power of collaboration and networking. As we look forward to our upcoming engagements, we remain dedicated to exploring new opportunities, embracing the latest technologies, and contributing to the global tech ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey, connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses, and striving to make a meaningful impact in the world of technology.