About the project

3D Creative is the largest plastic and sand 3D printing company in the Baltic States offering top quality 3D printing, scanning and modeling services. The goal of this rebranding was to make the visual style of the brand meet the company's highest work standards while developing an exceptional but easy to remember brand and logo.

Project scope


2018 – Present
3D Creative


Studio Linijos

The logo

Since 3D Creative already had a trustworthy reputation in the industry, we wanted to enhance the professionalism and selected a minimal yet industry-appropriate colour palette for it. The logotype supplements the minimal design, however, intrigues the viewer by being three-dimensional. Not only does it make the logo exceptional but it right away reveals the main activity and concept of 3D Creative.


Stationary is an important ingredient in a company’s marketing and communications efforts. In truth, stationary replicates the brand’s message and displays marketing communication in a way that digital communications cannot. Having a dynamic yet seemingly simple business card can make an impression of a sophisticated and trustworthy company that captures the market with positivity.

Dynamic posters

It is hard to imagine an industry that 3D printing has not touched upon yet, however, the appearance of three-dimensional objects in posters still fascinates passersby. Minimal and modern poster designs include 3D elements in order to create the illusion of depth and catch the novices’ eye.

Social Media

3D Creative has a unique approach to social media content by sharing not only their created projects but also industry innovations, possibilities and overall educational information. Such communication style keeps a great balance between professional and casual content. To strengthen this duality we updated the post design and distinguished categories.


- “Marketing plays a huge role in this business and it has been very successful which makes it a pleasure working with Linijos. The team have been accountable with clear communication and good time management. I Thank them again and am looking forward to a continuous partnership in the upcoming years!"


With a diverse and growing portfolio, 3D Creative needed a website that would represent its high-quality standards and reinstate its brand as a leader in the additive manufacturing market across the Baltic states. Thus, our goal was to create a design system that would adapt to the client’s needs and image and tell a story of a seamless brand along the way. We came up with a design solution that is modern, intuitive, and optimized for flexible user navigation.

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