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Taxis are everywhere. Big parks, freelance drivers, cheap, expensive. All of them are suited to find their customer. Vilnius, Lithuania is a highly social, modern scandinavian city. With IT, Banking, Software & Digital sectors booming it became the capital of Intellectual resources and investment in the region. Therefore it generated a new customer type - Young Professionals. They value benefits of public transportation, but do not choose buses or cheap and outdated taxis. They value design and service. That’s why A2B was designed for them. And they love it.


2013 – 2019
A2B Taxi


Studio Linijos

The logo

The first step of the logo came from the mark. The mark had to be minimal while fusing both the traditional aspects of the transportation services with the futuristic understanding of customer care. From an early age we are learning the ways of modern society which is always in a hurry. We need to go from A to B in the fastest route possible, nevertheless it’s life goal or just taxi to dinner. Thus, by taking the traditional checkers of a taxi and adding the upward motion symbolising quickness we got a mark that speaks out for itself.

Final shape

Taxi name had to be something very simple, yet memorable. The key is keeping it short, so it would not clutter the brand, but keep the value inside. We've added the self-explanatory arrows to the brand name "A2B", it shows that the company will take you to your desired destination in the fastest way possible without any detours.

Car Concepts

As a digital studio, we are always happy to be involved in the process which goes into making the product reality. We've chosen the color of Jasmine Green which looks pleasingly in grey-blue urban city scape. Fleet will be noticeable and because our eyes are evolved to absorb many more green wavelengths than any other due to cones and rods in the retina, this color tint just stands out in a pleasing way. So it does not pollute, but promotes the city. The car design is not overly complicated. Traditional Taxi checkerboard style lines where too dull, yet we had to keep them because of law and regulations for taxi vehicle marking and labelling. So we basically made them explode and kept original style just in the front and back. It is clear now that client feedback is very positive. It’s something new and unexpected.

Car wraping

After several dozens concepts and revisions we were finished with the final design of the vehicle and off to the showroom where brand new vehicles were waiting to become wrapped in Jasmine Green and get decals applied. It took around two weeks and hundreds of man hours for the team to prepare all the taxis.

3D modeling

Showcasing the vehicles on different landscapes with vibrant settings would've been a bigger challenge with photography than need be, hence, we've rendered accurate 3D models that are used everywhere from launch events to websites that promote A2B services.

Social Media

Rather than keeping it generic with posts that translate simple messages which help customers choose the services, we've taken it to the next level by hitting the emotional aspect of this choice. From celebrating certain holidays to avoiding rainy days, we have kept our messages playful yet clear - A2B is the right choice in any circumstance.


- “Marketing plays a huge role in this business and it has been very successful which makes it a pleasure working with Linijos. The team have been accountable with clear communication and good time management. I Thank them again and am looking forward to a continuous partnership in the upcoming years!"


Some communication channels need a certain minimalistic approach to assure success. Newsletters, ads targeting businesses, even documents require a finer finish than what's shown to the general public. We've used lineart in these cases by portraying the most important landmarks in the business world of Vilnius.

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