About the project

Basketballverse is a P2E 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse recreating the real-world sports game. You can develop your NFT basketball avatar, manage your club or arena, build a fanbase, attract sponsorship and earn real income.

Project scope

  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX
  • Web design




UI design

Most crypto websites tend to be very fictional. They depict monsters, magic, custom characters, and alternate worlds. However, Basketballverse represents an actual sports game played in the real world by real people. So, we used characters that are somewhat fictional and realistic at the same time and finally created a combination of the real-world game and the 3D crypto metaverse. We integrated textures and various illustrations to design colorful and darkish designs, which give the website a mysterious and gamified feel that attracts the target audience.

We focused on making the mobile version look equally good and pleasant to use as it is on the desktop app and making sure all touch targets (buttons) are finger-friendly. We also worked on creating solid readability to make the UI both handy and eye-catching.

Easy navigation


It was important for us to make the users’ journey easy and not scare them away with long, endless forms. Therefore, we broke the process down into smaller steps to make it more user-friendly. Thereby, the user can always see the previous and pending steps on the left side of the screen, with a brief summary of the information entered. What is more, the customer can quickly check if they have forgotten anything and go back if necessary.


UI guidelines


Red Orange Color Wheel


Prussian Blue


Spanish Gray

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