About the project

HoBu crowd-building is an innovative and safe way to buy real estate cheaper than the market price. The crowd-building financing model brings together real estate buyers and contractors willing to work together on modern projects. HoBu connects only the key players in a project directly, reducing implementation costs and saving buyers money. Continuous communication allows buyers to track progress and immediately adapt the project to personal needs.

Project scope

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX
  • Web design




2 weeks

Defining personasCompetitive analysisUser flowBriefing

UX design

4 weeks

Information architectureWireframesUser flow finalizationInteractive prototype

UI design

3 weeks

Visual ConceptUI Kit & Design SystemPreparing layoutsInteractive prototype


2 weeks

Mobile versionStyleguidePrep. for developmentSpecification

Problem & solution

Every new project used to have a separate website, and our goal was to place everything in one. It was important to ensure that users find the real estate projects they are interested in right away, access the information easily, and choose their preferred project without any hassle. The main search method is a map because people always consider location before buying a property. Thus, we worked on making the search and the reservation process as simple as possible.

Main colors

Smoky Black


Cultured grey


Maize Crayola


Midnight Blue


Ultramarine Blue


Typography & Layout

Desktop layout grid

12 columns | 64px margins | 24px gutter

Mobile layout grid

4 columns | 16px margins | 24px gutter

Easy apartmentselection

Finding the best offer

Simple unitlisting

Users can add filters and sort real estate by the number of rooms, area size, price, and availability. Search results show the list the advantages of the place, information about the parking, and storage units. Users can also see residential floor plans, which help to notate architectural features, such as outside and interior walls, doorways, stairs and the location of windows.


Responsive design

Whenever we are set to create a new design, we always consider how it will look on different devices. The HoBu platform works great regardless of the device as it was optimized with readability in mind.

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