About the project

Founded in 2012 by telco and finance industry professionals, Iterato thrives on the challenge of developing solutions that redefine their clients' businesses. The extensive know-how, agile approach, and passion for transparency and flexibility quickly made Iterato a trusted system implementation and integration partner for leading regional companies.

Project scope





Client cases

To help their clients streamline operations and increase business effectiveness, Iterato provides adaptable integrated solutions, such as SMS Campaign Manager, Sales Automation Platform, and Customer Invoicing Platform. We divided all these client cases using the same template to make them visible in the design and instantly recognizable by the users.

Responsive design

A mobile-friendly website is one of the strongest ways to create long-term credibility among customers. We worked our magic to show new and old customers that Iterato is flexible, adaptive, and innovative. Responsive design also makes the user journey easy and provides a sense of trust and authenticity.

Icons set

To provide a visual stimulus for the web visitors, we designed small custom icons. Each icon also has a function – to help visitors navigate quicker and easier through the website. Thus, icons do not only add an extra aesthetic dimension, but also help to differentiate information and actions that can be taken on the website.

Final design

An updated website has a seamless digital design enhanced with an icon set that facilitates user-friendly navigation on desktop and mobile devices. The harmonious interaction of all the graphic elements also creates a unique and recognizable Iterato's visual identity.

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