About the project

LizinGO is the first platform designed for vehicle financing options in Lithuania. Its main goal is to help customers get the best financing solutions for purchasing a car or other vehicles.

LizinGO expands access to fair credit with a fast and simple loan application, always backed by professionalism and effectiveness. The customers can choose their vehicle and finance it immediately, all from one platform, without having to go through various agencies to get the credit. LizinGO makes the process of owning a vehicle hassle-free.

Project scope




LizinGO launched its new website and trusted us to do UI/UX design for them. Their wish was to create more trust among clients and improve the high-quality service feeling. The website had to be simple but original enough to attract potential clients.


A design system that makes navigation easy

The application process on the LizinGO platform is straightforward and takes only up to 5 minutes to complete, while the offers from different financing agencies are presented within one hour. LizinGO also ensures complete confidentiality and security of provided sensitive information.

Project overview

Regular workshops, brainstorming and idea sharing helped us to grow the initial idea into a modern digital solution. We tried to improve user experience by making it more immersive. The aim was to put the service as far forward as possible and create a site with strong interaction and brand image.


To get a head start on content, and to convey important information in a manner that would be clear to the service users, we paid a lot of attention to wireframing. Wireframes provided a schematic representation and showed the basic structure, as well as how each page within a website will flow and function.

The purpose of wireframing

  • Connect the site’s information architecture
  • Show paths between pages
  • Determine intended functionality in the interface

Icons set

To provide a visual stimulus for the web visitors, we designed small custom icons. Each icon also has a function – to help visitors navigate quicker and easier through the website. Thus, icons do not only add an extra aesthetic dimension, but also help to differentiate information and actions that can be taken on the website.

Responsive design

We have worked to make the platform on mobile and tablets as smooth and pleasant to use as on desktop. We considered it an important step in the project as it helps to increase website traffic and therefore maximise the company’s sales.

Easy to use

Choose a car and get an offer

The customers can choose their car and complete an application for financing options on the LizinGO platform. Through a quick application process, customers get offers from different financing agencies within an hour and can choose the one that suits their needs best.

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