About the project

"NežVAIRUOK!" is a social campaign by DELFI that urges drivers to stop looking at their smartphones while on the road or in traffic. DELFI started a competition for the main poster that will be shown throughout the year 2020 on bus stops, billboards and various social campaign outlets all over Lithuania. While the team came up with ideas in a brainstorming session, our talented illustrator Miglė Skrebiškytė fulfilled 2 of these concepts that we've submitted to the competition. One of our illustrations has won the jury's heart so much so that it has not only beaten close to 80 submissions, but also received three times the amount of points that were given to the second place.

Project scope

  • Illustration
  • Animation


Delfi Competition


© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

The concept

We've gone through a lot of ideas and concepts while preparing for the competition. The winning concept came from the idea that our eyes cannot divide focus, and when you are looking at your smartphone your perception of the road becomes non-existent similar to being blindfolded. Thus, we made it look like a blindfold which would burst out of the phone's screen and onto the driver's face wrapping it around amking it impossible to see through.


The awards were held in the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. A grand total of 80 submissions were reviewed by a select jury consisting of famous creative directors, producers, photographers and artists. 30 of those submissions were chosen to be displayed at the Library for a week.


- “We thank everyone who sent out submissions and the jury who dedicated their time in reviewing these works. We are happy that their opinions were quite united, as the winning submission was chosen by a vast number of votes. We think that the posters will grab the attention of the general public, as it did with our jury, and hope that it will make an impact on usage of phones while in traffic."

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