About the Project

In order to keep continuity of Žilvinas hotel's history, we were looking for unique and minimal design solutions that would embrace its rich heritage. We chose to use minimal and light font for the logotype so it would contrast with brutalist building style. Elegant letters and nature color pallete emphasises the elegance of concrete brutalist "Bauhaus" style. The connection between letters A&S symbolise sand dunes and water waves.

Project scope

  • Branding


Zilvinas Hotel

The concept

While creating its brand identity, it was our goal to connect their professionalism together with the calm, safe and pleasant atmosphere. We did the logo design, business cards, developed the colour scheme and the font style.


Žilvinas hotel - the most unique and historic building in Palanga. Built in 1967 - 1968, designed by famous architects Algimantas Lėcka and Kęstutis Augustinas, the hotel was the one and only building in the city, built by the latest Bauhaus architectural style. In the soviet era the building was owned by LTSR minister council, today the building is perceived as a very rare and subtle example of brutalism of the 20th century, representing soviet Lithuania's architectural evolution.

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